Our Spa

Intimacy and well-being

An area covering 80 m2 for a maximum of 8 people. Pleasure, privacy and well-being: the essence of our Spa distilled

Fine dining and wellness

Enjoy our weekend packages which include Spa and dinners.

Our packages include 90-minute access to the Mirtillo Alpino Spa.

And if you don’t book one of our packages, you can still book as many entrances as you wish to our Mirtillo Alpino or Mirtillo Rosso Spa 3 km away.

Water and warmth

Rejuvenate body and mind with our 4-person hot tub, Turkish bath, and panoramic Finnish sauna.
Unwind in the serene tranquillity of our relaxation areas suffused with soothing music.

Book the Spa if you choose our B&B solutions, or ensure you’re guaranteed this indulgence by booking our special room and wellness packages.

Indulge yourself

We pamper your body to delight mind and spirit.
Choose from our signature [Comfort Zone] brand treatments at Mirtillo Rosso 3 km away.

Ensuring you the well-being you seek: stress relief, energy boost, relaxation, beauty treatments – all with a 10% discount.