Pure Joy!

We believe the ultimate holiday experience in Val Vogna is achieved by infusing it with love, soul, and exquisite tastes. More than just a room – days filled with endless fun! Check out our suggestions below.

Special Piedmont Voucher!

Enjoy 2 free nights! Limited to the first 20 bookings for 4 dates:

Get 2 free nights for any of the following 4 dates:

1) Immaculate Conception Long Weekend, 4 nights from 6th to 10th December

2) Alpine Christmas, 4 nights from 22nd to 26th December

3) Alpine New Year, 7 nights from 26th December to 2nd January

4) Epiphany among the alps, 5 nights from 2nd to 7th January


    Two spas, two dinners, two nights, for two people

    The first experience lets you enjoy Val Vogna, Riva Valdobbia and Alagna.

    Experience the intimacy of our Mirtillo Alpino Spa, the Mirtillo Rosso adult Spa, a dinner in Alagna and the fine dining and bar at Mirtillo Rosso.

    Sunday you’ll enjoy a private visit to the Walser museum in Rabernardo, a hamlet nestled high in Val Vogna. Spend Saturday walking in Val Vogna, choosing from our selection of trails. Choose the room for your two Alpine nights. 

    Three soothing nights for the mind, four invigorating days for the body

    Mirtillo Alpino provides a revitalising experience for your whole body. How? Through the power of movement!

    Breathe fresh forest air, warm yourself in our sauna and hot tubs, enjoy fine dining, and explore the valley. The offer includes two spas, two restaurants and participation in our activities. Situated in Mirtillo Alpino, Mirtillo Rosso, and the Monte Rosa area.


    Pure pleasure and premium ingredients. All organic and locally sourced as far as possible. Looking for something simple and energizing or tempting and rich? Let your senses guide you. Remember to let your spirit guide your during your stay with us!

    A selection of restaurants

    The quest for fine dining. If you’re looking to explore our local cuisine, we’ll arrange dinner for you in different restaurants. Let us recommend local restaurants and specialties. We’ll take care of your booking for you!

    Half board at Mirtillo Rosso

    The Mirtillo Rosso Family Hotel is located just three kilometres from your room, and represents the heart of our superior-quality multi-centred hospitality offering.

    Over the years, Mirtillo has gained a first rate reputation and the trust of families and couples. Want the convenience of staying local and sampling Isabella Chang’s aperitifs and Omar Bonecchi’s cuisine? Book half board and dine every evening at the Mirtillo Rosso Family Hotel and it’s even more cost effective.